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HEYDORN STORE  is a minimal apartment located in Berlin, Germany, designed by BATEK ARCHITEKTEN 
The HEYDORN store in Hamburg is located on the first floor of a historic corner building in Hamburg‘s Neustadt district. The store has three large distinct round-arched display windows facing the street, which flood the space with natural light, and covers an area of just under 60 square meters. For the design concept, BATEK ARCHITEKTEN took the corporate identity of the Hanseatic cashmere label as a basis and designed an unobtrusive and elegant store inspired by a Nordic attitude to life and a natural color scheme, while at the same time focusing on the soft feel of the material cashmere. Through its formal restraint, the design by BATEK ARCHITEKTEN provides a reduced and functional background for the high-quality products.
The color concept is based on a neutral color palette of delicate, light tones that are offset by purposefully placed color accents. The architectural firm designed custom wall shelves in warm gray tones and freestanding elements in muted dove blue. Elements in bright yellow create a lively and modern atmosphere in the room. The surfaces of the furniture pieces captivate with their natural patina and feel. For example, the white oiled, wooden surfaces of Douglas fir with their natural and unique grain blend harmoniously with the natural structure of the cashmere pieces and are complimented by matte, hand lacquered MDF surfaces and the natural patina of brass elements.

With the open design of the interior architecture, BATEK ARCHITEKTEN showcase HEYDORN‘s cashmere products perfectly.
The floor-to-ceiling shelving made of white oiled Douglas fir, the gray lacquered MDF shelves and the brass clothes racks provide a formally restrained stage for the brand‘s Cashmere products. In the center of the space, BATEK ARCHITECT placed custom freestanding furniture that provides additional storage for the products while skillfully displaying them.
The HEYDORN HAMBURG project is a striking example of how BATEK ARCHITEKTEN have created a timeless retail store through formal restraint and their subtle sense of the classic essence of the HEYDORN brand.
Photography by Marcus Wend
JAN 13. 2023


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