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Office in Minoshinmachi by OHArchitecture

Office in Minoshinmachi is a architecture project located in Minoshinmachi, Japan, designed by OHArchitecture.

OHArchitecture is planning to consolidate and relocate the offices and factories scattered in Esaka, Osaka to Minoh Morimachi.

The president of this company, which manufactures clutches for elevators and industrial machinery, chose the lush green Minoh site for a better working environment.

Factories are usually built in a closed fashion, with particular emphasis on building costs. However, when OHArchitecture asked how this site was chosen, OHArchitecture thought it was important to open up to a rich external environment, even if only a little. Therefore, they planned a spiral opening in the building, cut this opening out of the building, and created a terrace that is an intermediate area between the building and the outdoors.

This terrace is connected from the first floor to the top floor, and you can work in the factory and peek in order a three-dimensional warehouse where machines move around automatically, a product exhibition hall, an office where employees work and a cafeteria where employees can fill their stomachs. This terrace is

an opening that connects the building and the outside, and at the same time, it is an opening that connects the company and society for those who visit the building for the first time to understand what kind of products are made in what kind of place, how people work in, and what kind of this company . It will be an opening that connects the company and society so that you can know what kind of company it is.

Photography by Atsushi Shiotani

NOV 17. 2022


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