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Restaurant in Okayama by OHArchitecture

Restaurant in Okayama is a minimal architecture project located in Okayama, Japan, designed by OHArchitecture.

OHArchitecture was asked to design a pizza specialty store in a section of a food court in a commercial facility.
In the section, the main store kitchen and a few seats for the exclusive use of the store are required, and the other seats are shared with multiple stores in the external shared aisle.
Focusing on this structure, we set the task of incorporating a spatial experience that can only be enjoyed in the exclusive seating area of the store.
So, OHArchitecture aimed to create a restaurant that integrates the kitchen and the audience, where you can enjoy the presence of the
kitchen, the food that you can enjoy with your sense of sight and smell from the cooking stage, and the feeling of eating freshly made.
The curvilinear countertable that represents the concept of the restaurant is used both as a table for kitchen equipment and as a table for the audience, bringing the space together. In order to connect the kitchen to the audience seats, and to support the long-span top plate, the deck plate of the roof structural material is sandwiched between black-skinned iron plates to create a sandwich structure.

Photography by Atsushi Shiotani

NOV 17. 2022


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